Intuitive Movement

Experience yoga that is compassionate, creative and fun!

Yoga can improve your focus, balance, strength and flexibilty.

Embody your true potential. Find freedom in motion.

About Justine

Justine Hoechst, RYT, offers professional instruction in Prana Yoga. Translated from Sanskrit, Prana is the universal energy or life force that permeates everything in and around us. Yoga increases the flow of prana, resulting in more energy and focus. Regular yoga practice can lead to better mental clarity, emotional stability and optimum physical vitality.

Boutique and private lessons allow for ample personal attention. Since every body is so unique, students are encouraged to listen to their inner awareness of what feels right. Balancing flow and stillness. Intentional movement plus deep relaxation.

"For me, yoga is about breaking barriers of what we think is possible. It's about becoming a better version of yourself, not judging or comparing. We prove to ourselves in real time that unlimited possibilities exist for us, and limitations are only in our mind. Freedom is my number one goal."