Prana Yoga with Justine

Warrior Face

Boutique Yoga in Manhattan

Sundays, 1:00-2:00pm

Side Bend

Small group class. Beginner level and up.

Includes yoga mats, blocks and blankets.

Only (6) students per class.

$20 per class

Space is limited.

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What is Yoga?

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Yoga is our way of being in the world. The physical practice that we think of as "yoga" is only one of eight practices laid out by Patanjali in the "Yoga Sutras". We can practice yoga in every moment by practicing non-violence, compassion and healthy habits giving gratitude and living simply. Distilled down to its most basic level, yoga is about slowing down to connect breath and movement. In doing so, we express gratitude for life itself. For me, yoga is about breaking barriers of what we think is more

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By Justine Hoechst

So many styles! Which one is for me?

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Over the years many styles of yoga have developed. Likewise, more than than 900 asanas and variations have been defined. These can be combined in various ways to form "sequences". Each asana offers specific benefits for the body and mind. Changing the sequence can alter the effects of each. The most important elements of a good yoga class are meditation, sivasana and consciously connecting breath and movement throughout more

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By Justine Hoechst

“To know the old element explore a new,

And in the second reappears the first.

The specious panorama of a year

But multiplies the image of a day,

A belt of mirrors round a taper's flame,

And universal nature through her vast

And crowded whole, an infinite paroquet,

Repeats one cricket note.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson