This website is for anyone who has been told their dreams are too big or unrealistic. I say: DREAM BIGGER! ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! How do I know this? Through direct experience. This is one reason I love yoga so much: With practice, we prove to ourselves that we can do things that we previously could not do.


Have you ever been in the presence of a magical person where you find that you can do things in their presence that you normally could not do? For me, the most powerful time I experienced this was in one of Dharma Mittra's yoga classes. He truly embodies the belief that anything is possible, and I think that's why he is still teaching and doing headstands in his 70's! It's people like him and other yogis like Sadie Nardini, Rodney Yee, and Colleen Saidman Yee who are my inspiration.


So I hope this website will inspire you to START NOW, LOVE YOURSELF, and FIND YOUR YOGA! Living in New York for 10 years now, I've dabbled in many styles of yoga and different studios. What surprised me was the dramatic differences between these studios and styles. Since there are so many diverse styles, you just need to find the right style and right teacher for you. That's why I created the studio finder tool - check it out and explore more yoga please!





Justine Hoechst is a certified yoga instructor offering both group and private yoga classes in NYC. I believe that yoga (and life) should be FUN! Since the only constant in life is change, I emphasize movement to release old toxins and meditation to practice peace and freedom in every moment.


To request a class or collaboration, send an email to moreyogaplease@gmail.com and let's talk!


I created this website to inspire people to START WHERE YOU ARE. Accept that life isn't perfect, the world isn't perfect, it never was, and that's OK! That's why the images on this website are not edited - I want to be me no matter how messy that may be. As a reformed perfectionist, I live by the mottos: "It's never too late" and "Got to be true to myself"!